Trays Circularity Evaluation Platform by Petcore Europe

Trays Circularity Evaluation Platform

by PETCORE Europe


PET Thermoforms represent more than a million tons of PET packaging in Europe and the sector is striving towards circularity.

The Tray Circularity Evaluation Platform (TCEP) has been developed to support the development of the recycling of thermoforms. TCEP does so by assessing the recyclability of PET Thermoforms and PET Thermoforms related innovations.


The Team

Created in 2020, the platform relies on the expertise of experienced professionals active in the sectors of recycling, thermoforms conversion and waste management and representing the full value chain.

The tools developed and used by TCEP

TCEP has developed design guidelines that are widely recognized and used by the industry.

     The platform relies on strong processes and protocols for the assessments. As a result, these                          assessments are scientifically relevant, trustful and independent from a single sector’s views.

Looking at the future:

The Platform can rely on a strong network of more than 150 companies, members of PETCORE and that can at any moment bring complementary expertise.

The platform is also supportive of the European standardization process of the design guidelines of PET Thermoforms and their recyclability assessment with CEN.

We call upon all companies to bring their new PET thermoforms solutions to TCEP at their earliest opportunity in order to get an objective third party assessment of their recyclability.                            

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